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Running The Corporate Rapids: Creating Agile Organizations

Running The Corporate Rapids: Creating Agile Organizations

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Book DescriptionMy intention is to create a book on the organizational and psychological ramifications of transforming traditional hierarchical organizations into flatter, team-based structures.

This is not a new theme, in fact, much has been writtenon the subject by several authors. What differentiates this work from that of previous publications is that is written from the perspective of someone that has been "in the trenches" as both an operational CEO and a Business Consultant.

Previous attempts at "how to" books on this subject have dealt largely with the structural/organizational aspects of this transformation and have not effectively addressed the human behavioral component.

In fact, in a recent edition of the Wall Street Journal, an interview was conducted with the authors of Re-engineering the Corporation, Michael Hammer and James Champy in which The Journal stated "But the book, for all of its theoretical elegance, glossed over the massive career disruptions caused by the process.Re-engineering work usually required fewer workers and far fewer managers. Managers resisted, stymieing many re-engineering efforts."

Both Hammer and Champy have agreed that they missed the significant component --- the people. This is the exact area that my book will address.