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The Fast Track Formula: How To Accelerate Your Career

The Fast Track Formula: How To Accelerate Your Career

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Book DescriptionThere are several routes to senior management. But only one of them ensures that you'll be successful when you get there. Understanding and following that route will help you rise through the ranks faster, give you a competitive advantageevery step of the way, and make you a success when you get that coveted senior position. Interestingly most successful senior executives don't even realize the route they followed or the shift they made along the way, until they are questioned about it.

When prompted, they will tell you that there was a shift in their thinking, and that was the turning point in their career. So there is a shift that has to occur in you, for you to progress and succeed at each level in the corporate hierarchy. This is the first book to reveal what that shift is, and how you make it happen in yourself, before explaining how you then need to communicate this changed thinking to the world around you. The shift starts in your thinking but it is reflected in what you say,what you do and how you behave and must therefore be very visible to everyone you work with - especially those who have the power to single you out for promotion at every stage. To become a fast track candidate you have to know and understand the fast track formula. Are you ready for the fast track?