Have a Great Year Every Year: A Four-Point Program for Maximizing Your Performance

Have a Great Year Every Year: A Four-Point Program for Maximizing Your Performance

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Book DescriptionIt is the human side of business that can make or break a company or career. I have found that no matter what kind of success you're seeking, it will be profoundly affected by your understanding of the value of human resources. Think ofall the aspects of business life that involve human resources:

1. Interaction between individuals and departments
2. Communication between personnel, customers and vendors
3. Business policies
4. How a company's staff, its customers, and the community are regarded

Have A Great Year Every Year is dedicated to these principles.

At the heart of this book is the EPOD Theory: a simple four-step plan that can be adapted by almost any reader, irrespective of educational background or experience. The EPOD Theory is supported by abundant cases where small and mid-sized companies and individuals achieved greatness through their accomplishments.

Most businesses and the people within them search for ideas and methods to grow from ordinary to great; the EPOD Theory demonstrates that most great accomplishments emanate from the deployment of Human Resources - either individually or within groups. The research includes case studies of those within some of the largest and most successful organizations in the world. EPOD methods, when coupled with the simple 21-day application principles, enable individuals at almost any stage of life to adopt these methods, which in turn will lead to having a Great Year Every Year.