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Return of the Body Snatchers

Return of the Body Snatchers

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Book DescriptionInvasion of the Body Snatchers is a Hollywood cult film classic from the 1950s. It’s a story about humans being taken over by Seed Pods from outer space. Zombies who look like the humans emerge from the Pods but the replacements have no souls, hearts, emotions or the ability to love. They all follow the same order, have no imagination and become products of an inter-galactic conspiracy to take over the world.

Return of the Body Snatchers is a satiric and penetratingbook about the same but very real horror happening today among the people who are being consumed by gadgets, gizmos, devices and machines that render them weak, complacent, tedious, predictable, boring, loutish, anti-social, changeless and risk averse. They are everywhere–even in some of the world’s best corporations; they are in government, labor unions, academe, health care, professional and trade organizations, and in organized religions. Return of the Body Snatchers tells us how we can escape the Pod life, have some fun again, try new concepts, embrace change and stop being such wretched dolts and device-driven idiots.