Getting Rich in Your Underwear: How to Start and Run a Profitable Home-Based Business

Getting Rich in Your Underwear: How to Start and Run a Profitable Home-Based Business

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Book Description Getting Rich In Your Underwear: How To Start And Run A Profitable Home-Based Business will help you get started with your own home business. The book covers these topics:

* Business Models And The Home Business. Learn how to select a profitable business endeavor with growth potential. Understand back-of-the-envelope calculations and how to evaluate your business ideas. A strong focus is distribution and product fulfillment.

* Personal Success Characteristics. Learn some of the common pitfalls that home business entrepreneurs fall into. Learn about the importance of selecting a business suited to your personality.

* Overcoming The Fear Of Starting A Business. Learn some of the reasons people who contemplate starting a business fail to act. Learn what you can do to avoid becoming one of them.

* Naming Your Business. Learn how to choose and register an effective business name. Understand the role of trademarks in protecting your name. Selecting a web-domain name is also discussed.

* Zoning. Understand the concept of residential zoning and how it might affect your business. Learn about local business licensing.

* Insurance. Learn about the importance of health and disability insurance for a home-business owner. Learn how operating a home business might affect your homeowners' and car insurance.

* Intellectual Capital: Copyrights, Trademarks, And Patents. Learn how creating proprietary products can make you rich. Learn about the often overlooked area contracts and licensing intellectual property (IP).

* Limited Liability Companies And S Corporations. Learn how to reduce your risk and protect your personal financial assets through the establishment of a corporation or an LLC. Learn how forming an S-corporation can save you thousands of dollars in self-employment taxes.

* Business Expenses. Learn what expenses are justifiable tax deductions. Learn about the amortization of start-up costs and depreciation.

* Home-Based Business Taxes. The book introduces new sole proprietors to the most common tax forms they'll need. A worked tax example, using "Janet's Advertising Design" demonstrates IRS Schedule C, Schedule SE, and Estimated Tax Payments in detail.

* Seven Home-Based Business Ideas. A short survey discusses: Information Broker/Researcher; Real Estate Investor/Manager; Seminar Educator/Professional Speaker; Financial Planner; Author/Publisher; Niche Online Retailer/eBay Seller; and Auctioneer

* Basic financial management for the home entrepreneur. Operating a home business forces you to learn the basics of financial planning. As a home entrepreneur, your retirement is in your hands. Learn about the safest and best retirement planning moves today.

* Fifteen Basic Steps In Starting A Home-Based Business. A detailed list helps you check off milestones in getting your new company started.

* State-By-State Resources For Starting Your Business. A detailed guide is provided to help you learn about local and state business regulations, licensing, state taxation, and name registration.

Getting Rich In Your Underwear: How To Start And Run A Profitable Home-Based Business is primarily written for those just starting a home business. The book is more basic than Hupalo's Thinking Like An Entrepreneur .