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High-Level Resumes: High-Powered Tactics For High-Earning Professionals

High-Level Resumes: High-Powered Tactics For High-Earning Professionals

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Book DescriptionHigh-Level Resumes is the resource every manager, professional, and executive needs. Competition for higher-level positions in companies and organizations throughout the world continues to increase. The more you earn and the more experienced you are, the more you need the help of High-Level Resumes to stand out from the crowd of your peers. High-Level Resumes provides practical guidelines and a step-by-step process for telling your unique work story effectively and efficiently, such as: * Bringing your resume to the attention of hiring authorities. * Showcasing your relevant in-depth and extensive work background. * Demonstrating you have the right qualities for the job. * Illustrating how you can benefit the organization. * Increasing your chances to make the first cut. The longer you've worked and the higher you've climbed, the more difficult it is to summarize your varied experiences and highlight specific skills pertinent to a single job. High-Level Resumes will show you how to select the skills, strengths, and competencies that will make you tower over your competitors.