The Internship Bible, 2004 Edition (Career Guides)

The Internship Bible, 2004 Edition (Career Guides)

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Book DescriptionThe Biggest, Most Up-to-Date Source of Internship Information

No other book offers you so many chances to launch a distinguished career with a successful internship. Whether you want to help Apple researchers develop new technology, conduct tours at New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, or accompany a writer from Rolling Stone on assignment, you’ll find everything you need to know to do it.

Researched and Written by The Internship Informants™

Mark Oldman and Samer Hamadeh have turned investigating internships into a full-time job. They’ve surveyed and interviewed hundreds of interns, internship coordinators, and career placement counselors to locate prime opportunities across the country.They are the only nationally recognized experts on internships and the founders of Vault, Inc., a leading authority and resource for career information.

All the Information You Need

This annually updated guide gives you the most current information on more than 100,000 internships. You can conduct a complete internship search by using the comprehensive information in these pages. You’ll find opportunities with the nation’s most prominent companies, including:

•American Red Cross
•Amnesty International
•CBS News
•Central Intelligence Agency
•Dow Chemical Company
•Eastman Kodak Company
•Federal Bureau of Investigation
•Gap, Inc.
•General Mills
•Habitat for Humanity
•JPMorgan Chase
• Late Show with David Letterman
• Marvel Comics
• Merrill Lynch
• Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/
•United Artists
• The Metropolitan Museum of Art
• Microsoft
• MTV Networks
• National Public Radio
• National Wildlife Federation
• The New York Times
• Nike
• Peace Corps
• PGA Tour
• Procter & Gamble
• Rolling Stone
• SABMiller
• Sea World
• Sony
• Sotheby’s
• Supreme Court of the
•United States
• United Nations
• Virgin Records
• The Wall Street Journal
• The White House