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Job Hunting A to Z: The WetFeet Insider Guide to Landing the Job You Want

Job Hunting A to Z: The WetFeet Insider Guide to Landing the Job You Want

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This best-selling WetFeet Insider Guide will help you understand the importance of networking in your job search and will help you prepare for almost any interviewing situation. It was written exclusively for our readers by Robert A. Fish, founder of Right Management Consultants, the largest outplacement consulting firm in the U.S. In his extensive career in the recruiting and career management industries, Mr. Fish has counseled hundreds of leading executives of major corporations including Apple Computer, AT&T, and IBM on career transition issues.

With plentiful examples, this guide will teach you all the steps you'll need to maximize your use of networking, interviewing, and negotiating to get a leg up on the competition. In this groundbreaking report you'll learn:

* How companies go about filling an existing position or creating a new one
* How you can make your network of contacts intersect with those of employers
* How to use information and referral meetings to put yourself in contact with hiring managers
* How to construct brief presentations that will impress employers and contacts
* How to navigate your way through the interview process effectively
* How to dress for any type of interview
* How to respond appropriately to any style of interviewing
* How to deal with weird interview situations
* How to maximize and choose from several offers