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Daterviewing : Exposing the Biases That Influence Hiring Decisions

Daterviewing : Exposing the Biases That Influence Hiring Decisions

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Book DescriptionIn Daterviewing: Exposing the Biases That Influence Hiring Decisions , author Greg Churchman--a nationally known interviewing and retention strategist and speaker--explores how interviewing is strikingly similar to dating, and how anyone can avoid the pitfalls of both by using an easy, structured method for finding the right person. In an engaging and entertaining manner, Greg reflects upon the often emotionally biased dating world and encourages readers to recognize the similar biases that develop when they select employees and candidates for employment.

Daterviewing reaches deep into the fundamentals of emotion, where biases roam and first impressions rule. Greg offers his proven method for hiring the right employees and keeping them on board. Written for business professionals at all levels and company sizes, Daterviewing details a process for improving employee selection and retention by hiring based on specific sets of criteria developed for each open position. The steps identified to hire successfully are easy to implement and surprisingly transferable to readers' personal lives, including dating!

A poor choice in a professional or personal relationship can be very costly, both financially and emotionally. Daterviewing was written to help readers make choices that will help them succeed.