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The Theory of Economic Growth: A 'Classical' Perspective

The Theory of Economic Growth: A 'Classical' Perspective

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Book DescriptionThe Theory of Economic Growth compares the main theories of growth from Adam Smith to the present day in order to isolate their logical structures, theoretical domains and methodological underpinnings. The book provides original solutionsto theoretical questions still debated in contemporary literature and points out new directions for further research.

The authors carry out a ‘vertical’ or in-depth analysis of the three main schools of thought: classical, Keynesian and neo-classical. They perform a ‘horizontal’ analysis of a wide range of items connected with growth theory, such as competition, technical change, division of labor, business cycles, the impact on environment, and the financial intermediation. Attention is also given to the evolutionary approach to economic growth.

This book will be of great interest to scholars of economic growth, macroeconomics, and historians of economic thought.