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Environmental Movements In Majority And Minority Worlds: A Global Perspective

Environmental Movements In Majority And Minority Worlds: A Global Perspective

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Book Description"This is a marvelous book. Timothy Doyle provides exactly the right balance of evidence and critical judgment to show how environmental movements differ across the globe. More importantly he shows why this matters and does so in an accessible and informative way."—Brian Doherty, author of Ideas and Actions in the Green Movement

Environmental movements are among the most vibrant, diverse, and powerful social movements occurring today, across all corners of the globe. They range dramatically from government lobbyists raising campaign funds to save the North American spotted owl; to "Green Warriors" engaging in guerrilla conflict in the mountains of the Philippines; to small landholders and indigenous peoples vowing to die by meeting the waters of the Narmada River in India as it rises due to its damming.

Drawing on his primary fieldwork in six countries, environmental researcher Timothy Doyle argues that there is, in fact, no one global environmental movement; rather, there are many, and the differences among them far outweigh their similarities. Movements in the third world—such as those in India and the Philippines —tend to be oriented around issues of human health, shelter, food security, and survival; while those of the developed world—for example, the United States, England, Germany, and Australia —can afford to focus on post-materialist issues such as wilderness concerns and animal rights. Doyle also demonstrates that the consequences of these campaignsare as wide-ranging as their motives and methods.

Taking a much-needed step beyond the wealth of nation-centered accounts of environmentalism, this book makes an important contribution to studies concerned with global environmental problems and politics.