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Environmental Thought (Current Issues in Ecological Economics)

Environmental Thought (Current Issues in Ecological Economics)

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Book DescriptionDuring the past twenty years there has been an explosive growth in research into environmental issues from a social science perspective. Ecological economics, in particular, has emerged as a true transdiscipline which seeks to conceptualize environmental concerns, thus allowing for the formulation of appropriate policy measures. This volume takes stock of this emerging body of work and offers an authoritative insight into current environmental thought.

The book is divided into three broad sections: disciplinary approaches, concepts and issues. Under the heading of disciplinary approaches, the authors review the state of environmental thinking in the diverse fields of philosophy, politics, sociology, economics and law. The concepts addressed include the precautionary principle, sustainable development, environmental security and ecological modernization. Finally, in the last section, they assess a range of crucial environmental issues such as consumption, biodiversity, global climate change and population.

Each of the specially commissioned chapters is written by a recognized expert in the field, while the book as a whole offers a unique interdisciplinary perspective. Ecological economists, environmental researchers and environmental policy analysts will all find this an accessible and highly rewarding introduction to contemporary environmental thinking.