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The Natural Step: Towards a Sustainable Society (Schumacher Briefing)

The Natural Step: Towards a Sustainable Society (Schumacher Briefing)

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Book DescriptionThe Natural Step framework for sustainability was first developed in 1989. The framework and the organization, The Natural Step International, have been through many changes during that time, yet the essence of this unique, science-based approach remains unchanged: It is a way of seeing the world that helps decision-makers put sustainable development into action. TNS is now wellknown around the world. There are teams established in ten countries and growing activity in several others.

In this Schumacher Briefing, David Cook tells the story of the organization’s evolution from its start in Sweden to the present day. Based upon science and systems thinking, the basic components of The Natural Step framework are laid out in the text. The Briefing gives a deeper exposition of the power of systems thinking and its crucial relevance to leadership in the world today.