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The Larry & Barry Guide to Entrepreneurial Wisdom

The Larry & Barry Guide to Entrepreneurial Wisdom

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Book DescriptionIf you have a valuable idea and want make the leap from there to billionaire, let Larry and Barry guide you through this difficult process -- from business-building to profit-making. These two characters will keep you entertained while offering priceless advice on:

-Clarifying your idea and determining value
-Turning a vision into a business
-Starting your business
-Staffing - needs versus wants
-Attracting partners
-Maintaining cash flow PLUS:
Special Bonus section on Venture Funding!

Learn what to do and -- just as important -- what not to do from seasoned professionals that understand how to transform your abstract idea into a money-making enterprise. Having been there and done that, Larry and Barry offer the entrepreneurial nuts-and-bolts required in today's competitive environment to create a prosperous business venture.