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Securities Valuation

Securities Valuation

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Book DescriptionFinancial Modeling for Securities Valuation bridges the gap between portfolio analysis theory and the behavior and function of securities in the real world. The book explains how to construct financial models of securities and goes on to present a coherent framework for understanding their behavior and function in the context of a broad range of financial instruments. It uses a binomial approach that enables readers to build and manipulate the models on a spreadsheet.LThe book is divided into three parts. Part One, Fundamental Concepts, covers the basic ideas of securities valuation-model methodology, assumptions of the model, and fundamental security models such as the bond model and the Black-Scholes model. It uses the binomial lattice method to expand coverage to other securities, from simple to complex. Part Two, Market Sectors, describes the most important and prevalent market sectors. Part Three, Derivatives and Strategies, explains the applications of financial models in managing aportfolio. In addition, a companion website contains ExcelRG files of all the financial models from the book. Users can download the models, analyze them on their spreadsheets, and use them to do practice exercises.