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Benchmarking For Nonprofits: How To Measure, Manage, And Improve Performance

Benchmarking For Nonprofits: How To Measure, Manage, And Improve Performance

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Book DescriptionBenchmarking—the ongoing process of measuring an organization against leaders—can help stimulate innovation, increase impact, decrease costs, raise money, inspire staff, impress funders, engage the board, and sharpen the organization’s mission.

Benchmarking for Nonprofits: How to Measure, Manage, and Improve Performance defines a formal, systematic, and reliable way to benchmark, from preparing the organization to measuring performance and implementing best practices. Examples illustrate benchmarking in action. Exercises and worksheets guide the organization through benchmark-related processes.

Readers will learn: • The five key steps of benchmarking • The arguments against benchmarking—and why you should disregard them • How benchmarking differs from evaluation and assessment • How to form a benchmarking team • How to create a "success equation" that helps measure an organization’s performance • How to make sure to measure what matters • How to choose benchmarking partners • How to overcome staff resistance to benchmarking

Benchmarking is used by many innovative, well-managed nonprofit organizations. It ensures that an organization is always operating at peak performance. As Richard Millet, CEO of the Woods Fund observes, "Developing this capacity is important if we are to become more than sideline players in influencing social and economic policy." Benchmarking for Nonprofits will help nonprofits put this important tool to work.