Failsafe Strategies : Profit and Grow from Risks that Others Avoid

Failsafe Strategies : Profit and Grow from Risks that Others Avoid

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Book DescriptionPursue your best business opportunities—without the risk!

Today, many companies have become powerfully averse to taking the risks that are essential to long-term success. Dr. Sayan Chatterjee shows how to identify high-risk, high-return opportunities, and then systematically mitigate those risks up front, as you design your initiative. His techniques can help you safely pursue huge opportunities that others pass up—and sustain profit growth far into the future.

A complete framework for attacking high-risk, high-return opportunities

Powerful new tools for sustaining long-term growth and profitability

Clarifying and mitigating your real risks

Understanding what is visible to your customer and how that affectsyour risk

JetBlue vs. Southwest: More than one way to skin a cat

Identifying multiple competitive objectives, and multiple ways to achieve them

Tracking and reducing risks in real-time

Discovering mistakes in assumptions or logic while there's time to fix them

Creative ways to leverage existing resources more effectively

Reducing risk by avoiding unnecessary additional investments—and what to do when you can't

Execution: Getting your ducks in a row

Creating an organization that can deliver on your high-value, low-risk strategies

Reducing the hazards of growth and diversification strategies

Planning to grow or extend your core markets

Entering existing markets without the risk

Finding more effective ways to overcome entry barriers

Shaping new markets: products, processes, and platforms

What it takes to successfully create and dominate a new market