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Template-driven Consulting : How to Slash More Than Half of Your Consulting Costs

Template-driven Consulting : How to Slash More Than Half of Your Consulting Costs

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Book DescriptionTemplate-driven Consulting is a book for managers who have long been searching for a way to cut costs on expensive external business advice. Every day, new stories of companies that have gone belly up or encounter severe financial troubles show up on the front pages of newspapers across the globe. Cost-cutting is again the most pressing issue in organizations - initiating massive layoffs and large-scale reductions in spending on capital goods. Template-driven Consulting (TDC) allows your company to trim down expenses at another source: external consultants. By drawing on the use of templates, TDC at last really brings about the often cited knowledge transfer from consultants to your employees. Applying TDC, your employees are to become your experts, whilst you will see the number of and cost for external consultants decrease tremendously! This book, with its clear structure and hands-on approach, lets you understand the new methodology and will help you in reaping its cost benefits in your company. It provides you all the necessary insights into how consultants are working at your company and how they should be so as not to burn cash by the hour. TDC puts you in the driver's seat and gives you a cutting-edge advantage: empowering your own employees to deliver consulting work usually done by high-priced externals. Template-driven Consulting shows you what you can expect from consultants. Besides, several case studies lay open how business could gain a long-term competitive advantage by applying the TDC methodology.