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Complete Idiot's Guide To Online Shopping (The Complete Idiot's Guide)

Complete Idiot's Guide To Online Shopping (The Complete Idiot's Guide)

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Amazon.comOnce upon a time, buying stuff on the Internet was easy. Once you were satisfied that your personal information was adequately protected by encryption and other security technologies, all you had to do was find what you wanted and submit your credit card details. You can still do that, but the Internet now boasts a myriad of ways for you to get stuff you want.

The number of facilities for selling your own goods to others is exploding too. Preston Gralla explains all of this in The Complete Idiot's Guide to Online Shopping , providing you with the background knowledge you need to buy and sell things on the Web; explaining such concepts as Dutch auctions and electronic coupons; and intelligently combining the capabilities of commercial sites, such as the numerous online automobile dealers, with free resources such as government crash-test numbers. He also shows how to milk Usenet newsgroups and consumer sites for commentary and buying advice.

A large part of this book consists of commentary on various online storefronts. Most of the entries deal with books, CDs, clothing, food products, and computer stuff, and it's not fair to fault him for omitting sites in an online-shopping universe that's changing so rapidly. Notwithstanding, you'll probably want to supplement Gralla's listings with fresher sources of information about places to shop online. You'll also likely get more assistance from online resources if you're looking for stuff other than mainstream consumer goods--say, parts for a specific car or specialized metalworking tools. --David Wall

Topics covered : Basics of Internet transactions, security considerations, avoiding scams, finding bargains, buying and selling at auction, researching and buying automobiles, searching for houses and apartments, and buying various consumer goods.Book DescriptionThe Complete Idiots Guide to Online Shopping provides an easy to use source of answers for both computer related and online commerce related questions. It is for anyone who wants to research or make a retail purchase online. Topics inclu -Answers all the questions you were afraid to ask about finding what you want and paying for it online -Written by an expert on the Internet who can provide not only the details on retail but also how to use the Internet effectively -More content on how not to scammed, how safe you are and the best places to find what youre looking for