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101 More Great Games and Activities

101 More Great Games and Activities

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Book DescriptionIn 1998, Pfeiffer published the best-selling resource 101 Great Games & Activities. Like that original publication, 101 More Great Games & Activities is filled with highly accessible group activities, icebreakers, energizers, and closers. This new resource is written to appeal to today’s trainers and includes exercises that address timely topics such as career development, change management, clarifying expectations, climate setting, communication, creativity, diversity, evaluation, goal setting, implementation, interviewing, leadership, listening, negotiation, problem solving, team building, and clarifying values. To facilitate ease-of-use, Arthur VanGundy presents the dynamic activities in the order in which they might be used during training programs and shows exactly why and how to use them.

101 More Great Games & Activitiesis designed to help you get the most from your training sessions, workshops, meetings, and presentations.

  •   Use the book’s Selection Guide to zero in on the activities that best apply to your particular situation.
  •   Select from a variety of pre- and post-training activities that you can easily incorporate with the core training topics you already offer.
  •   Adapt the exercises to conduct a thorough debriefing and evaluation of your new or ongoing training.