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Managing and Using Information Systems

Managing and Using Information Systems

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Book DescriptionIntegrate IT with business strategy
Now updated and revised, this Third Edition of Managing and Using Information Systems by Pearlson and Saunders arms you with the insights and knowledge you need to become an active participant ininformation systems decisions. Taking a strategic approach to information systems, the authors show how to manage information as a resource and use information for competitive advantage.

This brief, yet complete, paperback provides a basicframework for understanding the relationships among business strategy, information systems, and organizational strategies. You'll learn how IT relates to organizational design and business strategy, how to recognize opportunities in the work environment,and how to apply current technologies in innovative ways.

New Features of the Third Edition
* New coverage of off-shoring
* New coverage of IT portfolio management
* Expanded coverage of management of security
*Expanded coverage of Supply Chain Management (SCM)
* Additional cases

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