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Korea's New Economic Strategy in the Globalization Era

Korea's New Economic Strategy in the Globalization Era

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Book DescriptionThis book presents Korea’s economic strategy to meet the emerging challenges, as it recovers from the 1997 financial crisis and moves on into the globalization and information era. For important policy areas, the authors evaluate existing policies, and offer proposals for new strategic direction that can achieve sustainable and equitable economic growth for Korea.

A considerable majority of the contributing authors are involved in formulating economic strategy as policy advisorsto the Korean government, and they bring to their chapters extensive experience and insights regarding Korean government policies that are rarely available to readers in such a comprehensive form. The book therefore offers a timely, practical, and uniqueanalysis of all aspects of the Korean economy.

Academics, policy practitioners, and others with interests in the Korean economy, Asian economies, development studies, and a broad sweep of other issues concerning structural reform will find in this volume a gold mine of detail and opinion.