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African Development Indicators 2003

African Development Indicators 2003

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Book DescriptionAfrican Development Indicators 2003 provides the most detailed collection of development data on Africa in one volume. It presents data from 53 African countries and 5 regional country groups, arranged in separate tables or matrices for more than 500 indicators of development.

This volume provides data from 1980-2001 with a wealth of indicators, grouped into 16 chapters: background data; national accounts; prices and exchange rates; money and banking; external sector; external debt and related flows; government finance; agriculture; power, communications, and transportation; public enterprises; labor force and employment; aid flows; social indicators; environmental indicators; household welfare indicators; and HIPC Debt Initiative.

Each chapter begins with a brief introduction on the nature of the data and their limitations, followed by a set of statistical tables, charts, and technical notes that define the indicators and identify their specific source. Included this year are new tables on HIV/AIDS, the HIPC Debt Initiative, Communications and Transportation, and Household Welfare indicators.

This title is also available on CD-ROM in single-user and multiple user editions. See 0-8213-5505-8 for the single user CD-ROM. See 0-8213-5472-8 for the multiple-user CD-ROM.