Import & Export of Hand Knotted Oriental Rugs Part I: Export to U.S.A. Part II: Import from Pakistan

Import & Export of Hand Knotted Oriental Rugs Part I: Export to U.S.A. Part II: Import from Pakistan

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Book DescriptionIn writing this book, the author has used over two and a half decades of his knowledge and experience in international trade. This is an extremely practical trade resource for new entrepreneurs, importers, exporters, business executives,students, and others.

This publication guides entrepreneurs on how to import and export hand knotted oriental rugs. It also benefits affluent end-consumers as well as furniture and home furnishing retailers, who wish to avoid middlemen and purchase rugs directly from the source.

Import & Export of Hand Knotted Oriental Rugs targets a worldwide audience. It is a must for anyone seeking knowledge in the business of rugs.

This publication is divided into two parts.

Part I: Export to U.S.A.

Part I explains how to set up an import and export business and provides information on the rug market in the United States of America. It discusses import and export procedures, feasibility studies, business planning, marketing, types of companies, financing, finding US importers, trade shows and potential sources of selling in the USA, business travel, working with customers, international modes of payment (such as letters of credit), patents, production, shipping, and more. It provides information on hand knotted oriental rugs, the American area rug market, and trade statistics.

Part II: Import from Pakistan

Part II provides an introduction to Pakistan and takes you to the cities of Pakistan where rugs are manufactured by hardworking artisans and then exported to world markets. It covers topics such as culture, traveling to Pakistan, finding Pakistani exporters, and more. Entrepreneurs, including individuals, who are interested in importing from Pakistan and have little or no knowledge of the country, can certainly benefit from this part of the book.

This book also provides useful web sites and other contact information in USA and Pakistan.