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The Book of Daniel Drew

The Book of Daniel Drew

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Book Description"He Who Sells What Isn't His'n Must Buy it Back or Go to Pris'n." --"Uncle Dan'l" Drew

Long out of print and virtually unavailable for years, THE BOOK OF DANIEL DREW is the irresistible story of a country boy who grew up to become Wall Street's first great speculator.

Told for the most part in his own salty language - of his early life as a cattle drover, as a profiteer of "watered" cattle (a scheme he later used in the stock deal in the famed Erie Railroad operation), of his building of a fortune on Wall Street and of his epic struggles with Commodore Vanderbilt including his unholy alliances with Gould, Fisk and Boss Tweed.

Originally published in 1910, THE BOOK OF DANIEL DREW is a true classic of the stock market. It's afascinating look at an era in American financial history whose ethos was "anything goes"…and anything did!