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Secrets of the World Cup Advisors

Secrets of the World Cup Advisors

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Book DescriptionIn baseball, it's the World Series. In football, it's the Super Bowl. In trading, it's the World Cup Championships. From amateurs to today's reigning professionals, the competition has been fierce pitting the fundamentals against the technicals; systems against the man; and in the end man against himself.

Secrets of the World Cup Advisors breaks new ground as nine of the advisors share with you their treasure chest of secret strategies and techniques that propelled them to the finish line. Discover the valuable lessons they learned along the way – missteps that are often universal to all traders – and the powerful moves they made to rebound from them. You'll gain intimate insight and practical hands-on applications including:

· working through the learning curve to develop a disciplined, methodical trading system
· eliminating those human emotions with a methodical time-tested trading system
· technical tools of the trade featuring the RBTC Oscillator and the Trading Equity Graph
· market timing – knowing when to make your move and more importantly, when not to!