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Venture Capital Best Practices: Leading VCs & Lawyers on Doing Venture Capital Deals (Inside the Minds)

Venture Capital Best Practices: Leading VCs & Lawyers on Doing Venture Capital Deals (Inside the Minds)

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Book DescriptionInside the Minds: Venture Capital Best Practices is an authoritative, insider’s perspective on the ins and outs of venture capital and the future of the business on a global scale. Featuring managing directors and senior partners representing some of the nation’s top VC and law firms, this book provides both an investor’s and legal perspective for doing deals, offering proven strategies for valuing a company, raising capital, working with management teams, exiting an investment, and more. From the steps involved in conducting due diligence to strategies around negotiating deal terms, hitting on the importance of evaluating growth potential and minimizing risk, these experts articulate the finer points around venture capitalnow and what will hold true into the future. The different niches represented and the breadth of perspectives presented enable readers to get inside some of the great minds powering the venture world, as experts offer up their thoughts around! the keys to success within this fascinating industry - where investing, strategizing, and deal-making intersect.

About Inside the Minds:

Inside the Minds provides readers with proven business intelligence from C-Level executives (Chairman, CEO, CFO, CMO, Partner) from the world's most respected companies nationwide, rather than third-party accounts from unknown authors and analysts. Each chapter is comparable to an essay/thought leadership piece and is a future-oriented look at where an industry, profession or topic is headed and the most important issues for the future. Through an exhaustive selection process, each author was hand-picked by the Inside the Minds editorial board to author a chapter for this book.