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The Challenge to Power: Money, Investing And Democracy

The Challenge to Power: Money, Investing And Democracy

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Book DescriptionA no-holds-barred look at our money system, its threat to our survival, and how to use our nvestments to regain control.
Our only chance to save the planet and take back control of our economy and political system lies in our ability to control our dollars. In a brilliant synthesis of thirty years of experience, John C. Harrington gives investors the strategies to thwart corporate domination of the earth’s resources, decentralize our economy, restore democracy, tame corruption, and regain community control of our financial resources.
A strong advocate of using shareholder power to push for responsible corporate practices that benefit society, Harrington warns that we are running out of time; corporate abuse of shareholders and other stakeholders runs rampant. Concerted, coordinated shareholder action is needed to challenge corporations to adopt human, labor, and environmental codes of conduct to eliminate years of egregious and abusive practices.
For corporate America to change in time, a revolution—fueled by investor dollars—must come from within.