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The Global Venture Capital Handbook: An International Look at Deal Structure, Legal Agreements, Term Sheets, and the Intricacies of VC in All Major Markets

The Global Venture Capital Handbook: An International Look at Deal Structure, Legal Agreements, Term Sheets, and the Intricacies of VC in All Major Markets

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Book DescriptionLike so many others, venture capital has too, become a truly global business. This title explores the intricacies of VC deals industry by industry, country by country and region by region. From what venture capitalists look for in Japan to the components of a sound private equity investment in Germany, from the makings of a great "idea" in the UK to how to close a deal in Israel, authors articulate the finer points around venture investing now and what will hold true into the future. Managing and Senior Partners representing firms throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East, the Americas and beyond, offer a comprehensive and cohesive overview of the factors and influences that drive venture investing in their country and what they look for, on a global scale. With case studies, sample supporting documents and a wealth of informed opinions, this book provides an insider’s look at a truly broad and critically important international business. Sample topics include (this is only a partialTable of Contents): UN Foundation - Role & Magnitude International Venture Capital: The Role of Start-Up Financing in the United States, Europe, and Asia Building Venture Capital Industries: Understanding the U.S. and Israeli Experience Collateral Damage: The Venture Capital Outlook and Potential "No Growth" Economic Future You Say Potato, I Say Pomme de Terre (A Primer on Global Venturing) The U.S. Model: Structuring Venture Capital and PE Investments Venture Capital Industries in East Asia How Does Venture Capital Work? The Origins of Venture Capital as an Institution The History of Venture Capital in Asia Japan / Korea The Chinese Island States Taiwan Hong Kong Singapore China The Globalization of the Asian Venture Capital Industry Institutional Issues in Asian Venture Capital After the Crash Future Prospects for Venture Capital in East Asia National Venture Capital Pools in Asia Distribution of Investments by Industries Sources of Venture Capital Commitments Investment Preferences of Taiwanese and Japanese Venture Capital Firms Import and Export of Venture Capital for Various Asian Nations New NASDAQ-like Stock Markets in Asia Global Venture Capital Associations Global Venture Capital Associations (sorted by region) Spanish Private Equity: Survey of Private Equity in Spain Canadian Private Equity: Advantages and Disadvantages of Incorporating in Canada Indian Private Equity: 'Venturing' into India-A Legal and Structural Overview Indian Private Equity: Shareholders' Agreement--Enforceability Issues Taiwan: History of its Venture Capital Market Taiwan: Venture Capital Overview German Private Equity: Restructuring "Germany Inc.": Company & Takeover Law Reform in Germany & EU German Private Equity: Trouble in the Tranches, An Update on the German VC Market German Private Equity: Taxation of Private Equity Funds in Germany German Private Equity: 2004 Investment Modernisation Act Proposed United Kingdom: Recent Developments in UK Law Regarding Private Equity UK: The impact of recent UK tax changes on carried interest and manager shares (Overview) UK: Finance Act 2003 Schedule 22, Impact On Earn-Outs & Ratchet Deals UK: Taxation of UK Companies--Founders Sing the Blues UK Tax Law: Venture Backed Companies Seek Relief British Venture Capital Assn.: 2004 Budget Submission BVCA Proposal: Attachment addressing Private Equity/Venture Capital Reforms UK: Limited Liability Partnerships--Uses in Venture Capital Transactions UK: Inland Revenue and the BVCA--Commentary on the July 2003 MOU UK: Two Safe Harbours--A Passage to Get CGT Treatment for Management Equity Interests UK: Management Equity in Venture Backed Companies UK: Limited Partnership Terms Survey 2002 UK: Raising Money From Individuals in the UK UK: Guide to R&D Tax Credits in the U.K. UK Tax Reform UK: ENTERPRISE CAPITAL FUNDS-THE UK'S SBIC Survey: Private Equity in Israel Israel: Analysis of (and Comparison to U.S.) Legal Terms of Venture Financings (3Q-4Q 2003) EU Private Equity: Financing Private Equity Deals (SJ Berwin) EU Private Equity: The Delaware Flip-Basics of Re-incorporating in the U.S. EU: Impact on Private Equity of Consolidated Accounting (International Accounting Standards) EU Private Equity: European Public to Privates--A Fair Deal for Shareholders? EU Private Equity: European Public to Privates--Raising the Bar EU Private Equity: European Tax Environment 2004 EU Private Equity: A Single European Fund Structure? EU Private Equity: European Buyout and Merger Control EU Private Equity: The Basel Committee and Capital Requirements EU Private Equity: Accounting for Share Options under IAS French Private Equity: PE Fund Regulation French Private Equity: NEW INVESTMENT ADVISER REGULATION IN FRANCE French Private Equity: Stimulating Investment in French Startups French Private Equity: Tax Treaties--Avoiding Double Taxation