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The Bucks Begin Here: A Financial Guide

The Bucks Begin Here: A Financial Guide

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Book DescriptionThe Bucks Begin Here

This book will take you step by step and show you how to realize big savings.

The book includes:
• Methods of estimating the value of income producing properties, including actual cases
• How to sell one of your homes every two years without capital gains
• Illustrations of how to evaluate two to four family homes
• How to save thousands of dollars in savings on your mortgage interest
• How to save up to 35% on your home owners insurance
• How to find out if you are overpaying your real estate tax, including an actual case showing an appeal to a state appellate tax board, with request for abatement, along with supporting documentation.
• How to shop around for the best mortgage.
• How to keep score on your credit
• Sample appraisals of single family homes
• Items needed for the loan application
• Information on how unquestioned fees can cost you a “bundle”
• Conventional, FHA, and VA qualification worksheets
• Information on buying a new home
• Information on government assisted loans
• A financial guide to help qualify your real estate goals
• Helpful tables and forms