Mind Games of Trading

Mind Games of Trading

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Book DescriptionToday's trading environment has never been beset by so many imponderables. The continuing poor performance and high charges of fund managers have sprouted a huge growth in go it alone investors enticed by small capital investment and the flexibility of trading their own accounts through boutique operations offering trading platforms that execute and contract instantly.

The financial rewards can be immense but as soon as you embark on trading your own account and enter the trading arena you will feel a run of emotions that will and can greatly affect your whole well being and the profitability of your trading account.

How to keep control? How to succeed in the trading arena? To be one of the elusive 10% winners club rather than the90% loser's club in which retail investors find themselves in. How to get and keep the trading edge? How to manage your account effectively and profitably. To be alerted to all the pitfalls that destroy not only a trader's confidence but his trading account too. To learn how to be a master of your trades not a slave to them

The answer lies in the Mind Games of Trading. It's written by a market veteran, with over 27 years of front line trading experience, who gives a clear insight into the trading arena for all those interested in getting the best performance out of their trading. In it you will find the same performance-boosting techniques and psychological trading improvement program used by the world's top traders to keep them successful at the top.

If you are seriously interested in succeeding in the trading arena and by that I mean making profitable trades while remaining calm and focussed, then this book is a must read for you.