Morningstar Funds 500, 2003 Edition

Morningstar Funds 500, 2003 Edition

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Book DescriptionExpert and independent guidance on selecting the best funds for your portfolio.

You have a lot riding on your fund investments. So it’s only good sense to get your information from the acknowledged fund expert–Morningstar.Our analysts present a diverse selection of funds ideal for building and maintaining a diversified portfolio. Our comprehensive one-page reports include historical and year-end information. Plus each contains a written Analyst Report detailing a fund’s strengths and weaknesses. This year, take control of your investments and your future with Morningstar’s help.

You’ll benefit from this book if you’re:

  • Starting a new fund portfolio
  • Shaping up your portfolio in the wake of the bear market

You’ll also benefit from:

  • 140 exclusive Morningstar Analyst Picks
  • Tips for picking great funds

For nearly 20 years, Morningstar has helped individuals andfinancial advisors make better investment decisions. Our information and analysis is trusted, independent, and provides a level of insight unavailable from other sources.