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The 50 Best Global Stocks for Canadians

The 50 Best Global Stocks for Canadians

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Book Description Build Your Own Portfolio!
There's a World of Investment Opportunities

In today's rocky markets, diversification is key to minimizing risk and volatility in your overall portfolio. But 980f investment opportunities and global wealth lie outside of Canadian borders. To build a portfolio that will prosper over the long haul, you need to take advantage of the world of investment opportunities out there. Using the rigorous selection criteria from our 50 Best Advisory Board, Lori Bamber presents the 50 best stocks for providing lower-risk, long-term investment opportunities outside of the Canadian market.

· Profiles each stock in-depth, including general information about the company, financial highlights, quick-reference graphs and tables, and star ratings.
· Provides comprehensive financial data on each stock, going back as far as ten years.
· Analyses the strengths and weaknesses of each stock and explains why you should consider investing in it.
· Includes an introduction that guides investors through the risks and rewards of investing in the global stock market, explains how to do your own research, and describes trends that may affect where international markets are heading.

The 50 Best Advisory Board
Finance journalists Rob Carrick (The Globe & Mail) , Ellen Roseman (Toronto Star) , and investment research expert Mary Cordeiro of the Investor Learning Centre helped define the selectionand measurement criteria for the stock selections in this book, to provide readers with a reliable and consistent approach for rating stocks.