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It Pays to be Paranoid : Securing Business Success by Preparing for the Worst

It Pays to be Paranoid : Securing Business Success by Preparing for the Worst

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Book Description

It Pays to Be Paranoid is a book about avoiding mistakes-the kind of mistakes that can result in catastrophic expenses, lawsuits, losses, and bankruptcies. As a veteran private investigator and business consultant, Eiben has witnessed firsthand how frequently such easily avoidable mistakes wreak financial and personal havoc on businesspeople. Why do otherwise smart, capable professionals stumble into foreseeable traps? More importantly, what more can they do to recognize and avoid them?

Through in-depth analysis of compellingly authentic case studies and insight born of his years of experience in the field, Eiben explains how certain prescriptive measures-more careful hiring practices, improved security, effective and thorough due diligence, and others-can limit risks and improve the odds of business success. In the current business climate, with the ever-increasing strategies available to the unscrupulous, the devious, the imaginative, and the outright criminal, this kindof "paranoia" isn't just a necessary tool-it's a virtue.

Christopher Eiben is president of The Research Group, Inc., which provides litigation support and investigative services to diverse companies. He has worked on hundreds of cases concerning financial fraud, workplace accidents, negligent hiring, sexual harassment, corporate acquisitions and executive recruitment. He is a licensed private investigator and a member of several respected investigator trade groups. Previously, he was a laborlaw specialist supervised by the Ohio Attorney General's office, where his investigations helped establish case law in the areas of corporate labor practices.