Leading Leaders to Leadership

Leading Leaders to Leadership

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Book DescriptionLeading Leaders to Leadership will help you discover and fine-tune your leadership skills--whether you're a seasoned leader, a new leader, or have never lead before.

Most of us already have some leaderhsip qualities--and the potentialto develop even more. To grow, we need guidance from someone who cares about us and our success, and is already where we want to be. John takes the mystery out moving ahead by sharing the essential prininciples that will help you lead others more effectively. You'll learn the art of...

*Making decisions and taking actions.
*Creating an objective and focusing on it.
*Setting a good example for others to follow.
*Caring about others and helping them win.
*Risking failure in front of others.

In Furhman's popular reader-friendly style, he reveals how to overcome the key obstacles that keep people from realizing their true potential. Sharing inspiring insights and excellent examples, John teaches the simple but powerful attitudes, habits, and techniques that will help you break through any barriers that may be holding you back.

By the time you finished reading this book, you'll know that you,too, can be an excellent leader. Soon you'll be-- leading leaders to leadership.

Read this book if you've ever wnated to move ahead in life, John's secrets will help you leverage your way to faster, greater success. You'll love the results!