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Dare to Lead: Proven Principles of Effective Leadership

Dare to Lead: Proven Principles of Effective Leadership

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Book Description"The principles of leadership are not something you acquire after you become a success," says Byrd Baggett. "Putting them into practice is what makes you a success."

Dare to Lead is an easy-to-understand primer of proven principles ofeffective leadership gleaned from Baggett’s more than thirty years of experience in management and sales and as an entrepreneur. Although written with the needs of the businessperson in mind, Dare to Lead will be valuable to everyone—whether president of a large corporation, a volunteer in a school or church, a line manager of a manufacturing plant, or a college student about to enter the workplace. Anyone wanting a commonsense leadership handbook will find Dare to Lead a highly valuable resource and guide along the way.

"I hope these insights will encourage and enlighten you on your way to excellence," says Baggett. "Consider Dare to Lead your leadership compass, always available to help you get back on track when you find yourself veeringoff in the wrong direction." Some of his pearls of wisdom include:

• First and foremost, a good leader serves others.
• Enthusiasm is a way of life, not an emotion.
• Surround yourself with talent better than your own and carefully nurture it.
• Trust your judgment and be willing to act on it.
• Have a genuine concern for those you lead.
• Good leaders know how to help others achieve their full potential.
• Offer incentives that encourage others to take risks.
• A group of people committed to a shared vision can accomplish the impossible.