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I've Got Your Back : Coaching Top Performers from Center Court to the Corner Office

I've Got Your Back : Coaching Top Performers from Center Court to the Corner Office

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Book Description Brad Gilbert, the top tennis coach in America, has guided two of the nation’s hottest players — first Andre Agassi and now Andy Roddick — to the coveted number 1 ranking in the world. And he did it with a unique style that can teach the rest of us everything we need to know about coaching winners—not just on the court, but in the office, classroom, or any other leadership situation.

"Show me a coach," says Gilbert, "who doesn’t listen — really listen — and I’ll show you a probable loser. Show me a coach who domineers and demeans, who manages through fear, and I’ll show you an accident waiting to happen. Show me a coach who doesn’t think it’s just as important to empowerthe lowliest scrub on the team as it is to cater to the star, and I’ll show you a real short-timer."

When the world’s best players compete, the slightest advantage (or problem) can make all the difference. That’s why Gilbert always goes the extra mile and why he urges every boss to do the same. Whether it’s standing on the other side of the net feeding ball after ball, or endless hours scouting the competition, or just picking up breakfast in the morning, it all counts in building a trusting relationship. Just knowing that their coach is looking out for them unconditionally gives Gilbert’s players an unbeatable edge.

I’ve Got Your Back is filled with insider stories about the pressure- filled world of Grand Slam tennis. From the drama of the U.S. Open and Wimbledon to private moments on the practice court, Gilbert shares what really happens when an already great performer is determined to reach his absolute personal best.

Tennis fans already know Gilbert as the poker-faced guy in the stands with the wrap-around shades and the five o’clock shadow. But they will be surprised to learn that behind the tough guy image is a smart, funny, passionate coach who is intensely competitive yet unflaggingly optimistic and supportive. He’s a role model for anyone who is trying to inspire others to greatness.