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Transformation Leadership

Transformation Leadership

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Book DescriptionTransformational Leadership, Second Edition is intended for both the scholars and serious students of leadership. It is a comprehensive review of theorizing and empirical research that can serve as a reference and starting point for additional research on the theory. It can be used as a supplementary textbook in an intense course on leadership—or as a primary text in a course or seminar focusing on transformational leadership.

New in the Second Edition:

• New, updatedexamples of leadership have been included to help illustrate the concepts, as well as show the broad range of transformational leadership in a variety of settings.

• New chapters have been added focusing specifically on the measurement of transformational leadership and transformational leadership and effectiveness.

• The discussion of both predicators and effects of transformational leadership is greatly expanded.

• Much more emphasis is given to authentic vs. inauthentic transformational leadership.

• Suggestions are made for guiding the future of research and applications of transformational leadership.