Battling for Competitive Advantage

Battling for Competitive Advantage

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Book DescriptionPraise for Battling for Competitive Advantage

"[Battling for Competitive Advantage] systematically unravels and explains the complexities of modern business and warfare. This excellent book will prove helpful to business leaders as well as the academic community charged with explaining successful leadership of large organizations."
-General Barry R. McCaffrey, U.S.A. (Ret.), Professor of International Security Studies at West Point and NBC News Commentator

"Colonel Ken Allard doesn't just have supreme military intelligence, his operational brilliance extends to the business world as well. Battling for Competitive Advantage teaches you that business is war and that Ken is the perfect commander-in-chief to follow into your business battles."
-Ron Insana, Coanchor, CNBC's Business Center

"In war, they don't give out medals for second place. In business, as in war, you can't win without first surviving. [This book] offers the hard-wonwisdom from one warrior's world to another. Read, laugh, squirm, survive, and win!"
-Scott A. Snook, Associate Professor, Organizational Behavior Harvard Business School

"In the post-9/11, post-Enron environment, Ken Allard's Ten Commandments of Military Leadership are directly applicable to today's business CEOs."
-Tom Petrie, Chairman and CEO, Petrie Parkman & Co.Download DescriptionA 21st-century business strategy for succeeding in a tough global economy

To succeed intoday's turbulent business environment operating in a "business as usual" mode will no longer work. Conflict and competition can come from anywhere. Kenneth Allard-a well-known military strategist and management expert-knows that in business, just as in the war on terrorism-losing cannot be an option in your playbook.

Business as War draws numerous parallels between the strategies and tactics used by the United States military and the challenges businesses face in the no-holds-barred competition of the global economy. Allard believes that success in this new competitive climate can be achieved by applying cutting-edge military perspectives to the everyday world of business. These tools include the traditional military arts-leadership and strategy-aswell as information age techniques such as business intelligence, enterprise security and streamlined information-sharing. Using first-person examples from his media, military, and business experiences, Allard demonstrates how the military learned their lessons-and how businesses can profit by meeting similar challenges.