World Out of Balance

World Out of Balance

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Book Description

Understanding, planning for, and thriving in the global business environment

Business leaders face a global environment that is increasingly complex and treacherous. Written by the managing director of A.T. Kearney's prestigious Global Policy Institute, World Out of Balance draws upon the insights of an elite group of business leaders, academics, and government officials from around the world, focusing on the five factors that are shaping tomorrow's business environment:

  • Globalization--rising levels of trade, communication, and travel
  • Demographics--slowed population growth in developed countries, and increased growth in the third world
  • Consumption Patterns--increasingly diverse consumer markets, causing fierce market competition
  • Natural Resources and Environment--oil markets reaching a crisis stage, and other shortages predicted in the coming decades
  • Regulation and Activism--calls for greater regulation point to long-term business challenges

With intelligence and insight, World Out of Balance provides executives, consultants, and business thinkers with the high caliber of information and insight you need to plan for, rather than react to, important emerging trendsshaping the global business environment. Author Paul Laudicina offers compelling snapshots of key trends and how they may evolve in the years ahead--and provides practical scenarios and expert guidelines to help you prepare your organizations to meet these challenges and profit by them.