Executive Compensation: The Professional's Guide to Current Issues & Practices

Executive Compensation: The Professional's Guide to Current Issues & Practices

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Book DescriptionOnly one publication presents the most distinguished group of executive compensation experts in the country to help you anticipate, understand, and address today’s executive compensation challenges…

As a person who deals with the senior level issues of your company or business unit, you have continued to face a number of significant challenges, one of which has been the area of executive compensation. There is a widespread need for new solutions for innovative, competitive pay packages; for good governance practices; and for anticipating and preparing for the challenges that are on the horizon for those areas - - all while operating within an environment of tight budget and staffing constraints.

Available now is the one publication that provides access to the latest thinking and recommendations of the most distinguished group of executive compensation experts.

Drawing from nine of the leading compensation advisory firms in the country, the Series Editors of Executive Compensation: The Professional’s Guide to Current Issues and Practices bring together the top practitioners and experts in the field to provide the information and insights you need to navigate within the new era of accountability and performance standards.

Seventeen chapters present key topics, from the latest information on regulatory impacts and corporate governance changes, designing business unit incentive plans, executive employment agreements, linking compensation strategy to business strategy, selecting performance measures and setting goals, to specialized topics such as IPOs, spin-offs, and divestitures. Each topic is thoughtfully analyzed and discussed by one of twenty-four distinguished compensation professionals from such leading firms as Frederic W. Cook & Co., Pearl Meyer & Partners, Mercer, Watson Wyatt, Clark Consulting, Hay, and others.

Includes accompanying CD
Every chapter is supplemented to provide additional information and, on the accompanying CD, many chapters provide templates or project plans for reviewing, auditing or designing one or more elements of an executive compensation program. Depending upon the need, an individual chapter can help a practitioner solve specific issues, or the publication can stand as a general reference, covering the major components of an integrated executive compensation program.