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Conscious Business (аудиокнига на 12 CD)

Conscious Business (аудиокнига на 12 CD)

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Book DescriptionProven Tools for Transforming Your Work Life -

Consciousness, teaches Fred Kofman, is the capacity to observe, choose, and act in accord with your values. And "conscious business" means using that ability at every level of your work: in being aware of the needs of others and expressing your own—in seeing the hidden emotional obstacles that may be holding your team back—in making good decisions under pressure—and even in delving into such "spiritual" questions as "Who amI?" and "What is my real purpose here?" On Conscious Business, you will join this visionary teacher and founder of Leading Learning Communities to master these skills.

Higher Consciousness,Real World Results, What if you walked into your office tomorrow and discovered that others finally understood your work challenges and were ready to help you solve them…that every meeting was valuable…that everyone honored the commitments they made to you…and that your strongest talents were finallybeing put to use? For more than 10 years, Fred Kofman has helped organizations ranging from small nonprofits to major corporations become "learning communities" with these remarkable qualities. Now, you can learn the five specific skills you need to transform your workplace in the same way.

Becoming more conscious in business requires courage and an open mind. It means putting aside the "right way" in order to discover something better. If you’re ready to make that leap—and start turning your workplace into an adaptive and resilient community that cultivates intelligence, creativity, and integrity in every member — Conscious Business is the place to begin.