Strategic Management and Business Analysis

Strategic Management and Business Analysis

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Book DescriptionStrategic Business Analysis shows students how to carry out a strategic analysis of a business, with clear guidelines on where and how to apply the core strategic techniques and models that are the integral tools of strategic management.

The authors identify the key questions in strategic analysis and provide an understandable framework for answering these questions.

Several case studies are used to focus understanding and enable a more thorough analysis of the concepts and issues, especially useful for students involved with case study analysis.

Accompanying the text is a CD-Rom containing the models, tutorial guidance, and a PowerPoint presentation. A blank template is provided for each model, enabling students to actively interact and enter their own data - an effective 'what if...' facility. This will enable students to appreciate the limitations as well as the advantages of the strategic models.

* A unique approach with a 'road map' in the firstsection providing key questions to be asked
* Provides a clear and robust framework for carrying out strategic analysis
* Ideal for students tackling case study analysis
* CD-ROM included