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Labor Revitalization, Volume 11 (Research in the Sociology of Work)

Labor Revitalization, Volume 11 (Research in the Sociology of Work)

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Book DescriptionHardbound. Labor Revitalization is among the first works to examine variations among nations in the wide array of initiatives labor unions and labor movements are taking to strengthen themselves and recruit new members. Moving beyond previous research on the factors leading to union decline, the international group of scholars who have contributed to this volume present new research and unveil a new research agenda on the many initiatives unions are taking, and the different social, economic, and political challenges they face in several world regions, as labor movements endeavor to revitalize themselves. These revitalizing initiatives include changing labor leadership and membership organizing strategies; "social movement unionism"; broadening the range of services provided to union members; and pursuing political and legal reform that achieves freedom of association. The contemporary cases of labor revitalization in this volume have occurred in