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Stress Costs: Stress Cures

Stress Costs: Stress Cures

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Book DescriptionThe cost of stress to business is staggering. It adds up to more than $300 Billion annually for American businesses- more than 15 times the cost of all strikes combined. In Canada, the annual cost to business is $16 Billion, which is 14% of total net profits.

Now you can make these numbers relevant to you and your business. The StressCosts Formula TM lets you plug in your own numbers to calculate how much stress is costing your organization in hard currency.

It is absolutely possible to recover productivity lost to stress. Traditional stress management programs aren't the answer because they focus on the wrong areas. There is one and only one factor that enables your employees to reduce their stress levels.

StressCosts-Stress Cures lays out the two strategies for recovering productivity lost to stress and explains how to implement them successfully in your organization.