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Sold! How to Make it Easy for People to Buy from You

Sold! How to Make it Easy for People to Buy from You

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Book Description

Salespeople fail because they make selling far more complicated than it has to be. In SOLD! two of the world's leading sales trainers cut away the complexity, identifying Effective Selling Principles that are proven to work. In a world of complex products, state-of-the-art customer relationship management systems, and too-clever marketing, the single most important element has gotten lost: the salesperson's personal relationship with his or her customer. That relationship is at the heart of this book's five-step program for building sales.

Whether you sell products, services or ideas, you'll learn how to create and maintain a high-value customer relationship that makes it easy for customers to buy. Discover practical new ways to identify what's valuable to your customer... and deliver it. And above all, learn powerhouse techniques for moving any customer from talk to action--from opportunity to sale.

SOLD! is enthusiastically endorsed by business and sales leadersworldwide, including Julian Richer, Richer Sounds ("Most Successful Retailer Ever"--Guinness Book of Records); Barry Gibbons, former chairman/CEO, Burger King; and Dr. Robert B. Cialdini, author of the global bestseller "Influence: Science and Practice."


*"I think that SOLD! highlights how easy and straight forward selling can be--anyone practicing these simple principles is bound to be successful." - Julian Richer, Founder and MD of Richer Sounds

*"Whether it's products or services, today you either sell in cluttered, competitive markets or you are already dead. Sold! does for selling what 'unplugged' did for rock music--it brings it back to core competences and basics. The latter was badly needed--so is Sold!" - Barry Gibbons, Former Chairman and CEO, Burger King Corp.

*"With SOLD!, Steve Martin and Gary Colleran have achieved a rare success, delivering genuinely instructive material in a genuinely engaging and entertaining fashion. As a result, sales professionals who read it are themselves likely to experience rare success, for the book is a highly effective guide for creating long-term customers." - Professor Robert B. Cialdini PhD, is Regents Professor of Psychology at Arizona State University and author of the world's best selling book on Influence and Persuasion.

*"The effective selling principles described in this book are not only simple and focussed on the sales outcome, but also help us to build productive ongoing relationships with our customers." - Humphrey Harte, Director of Sales and Marketing, PowderJect

*"What Sold! does is to take away all the non-essential ideas, techniques and tactics that have complicated the approach to selling and provide people with all essential principlesthat will make the difference." - Pharmaceutical Field magazine