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From Inspiration to Implementation : The Art of Making Ideas Fly

From Inspiration to Implementation : The Art of Making Ideas Fly

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Book DescriptionYour Personal Guide to Managing Ideas at Work and in Life

"The secret to not having worries...is to have ideas." Eugene Delacroix

Why do we do what we do? Why are some people happily productive and others, less so? Without a sure sense of the why behind our actions, and what being of use can mean to us, it can be difficult to sustain the energy needed to accomplish what we hope to achieve in our personal and professional lives.

From Inspiration to Implementation shows you how to shape your ideas for a stronger result as it explores the mindset we bring to life leadership, and toward being accountable for our own thoughts and dreams. Both inspirational and technically instructive, this guide helps you design the right framework to move your ideas to reality.

The author provides you with a practical "project mapping toolkit" and condenses key elements of creative management to the essentials:

  • Inspiration as a Source of Energy and Innovation
  • The Core Requisite of Original Thinking
  • Self-Leadership and Managing Others
  • Communication
  • Managing Organizational Politics

    This comprehensive, compact guide is your everyday companion, helping you take charge of your best ideas.