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Strategic Operations Management, Second Edition

Strategic Operations Management, Second Edition

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Book DescriptionThis is a substantial new edition of a successful textbook which continues to have a sensible and 'easy to read' style. Each Chapter has a past/present/future theme with a real strategic approach. Strategic Operations Managment shows operations as combining products and services into a complete offer for the customer. Services are therefore seen as key and are integrated throughout the material in each chapter. Manufacturing, service supply and other key factors are all shown to be inplace.

In an era where companies are fond of talking about core competences but still struggle to understand their operations, this is an important for academics and practitioners alike. Only when managers understand their operations will they be able to leverage them into any sort of capabilities that will lead to competitive advantage. Online tutor resource materials accompany the book.

* Well-received and innovative strategic operations management text with new cutting-edge material that really does have a strategic emphasis.
* Integrated services ops man material, new issues explored, new cases and up-dated.
* No other book covers such a range of topics - including operations, innovation, supply, services in such depth by oneof the strongest team of internationally renowned authors in POM
* TRP and web material available