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Total Operations Solutions

Total Operations Solutions

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Book DescriptionTotal Operations Solutions builds on concepts that were introduced in "Total Manufacturing Solutions", Basu and Wright (1997). It demonstrates how this holistic approach of operational excellence driven by a self-assessment methodology can be applied equally to manufacturing, service or public sectors.

The text covers an implementation programme to demonstrate how to put the methodology into practice. a differentiating feature ofthe approach will be a critical uopdate, impact analysis and comparison with new developments such as e-Business, outsourcing, Six Sigma, EFQM and ISO 9000:2000. It is a step-by-step guide for the application of the appropriate tools to the improvement process.

Total Operations Solutions could be used as an essential handbook for all employees in a Six Sigma programme and provide a better understanding of basic tools and techniques to help them to support a quality improvement initiative and sustain a srong competitive position.

* A holistic approach to Operations Management- breaking down organisational barriers and encouraging cross-fertilisation of concepts.
* The book focuses on value chain management and addresses new and current issues.
* A comprehensive insight into tools and techniques of continuous improvement.