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Emotions At Work: Theory, Research And Applications For Management

Emotions At Work: Theory, Research And Applications For Management

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Book DescriptionIn this book, the authors provide up-to-date thinking and research on the broad range of emotional experience in working environments with particular attention to the causes of emotional change, the consequences of emotional experience for individuals and their organisations, and the implications for effective strategies for managing individuals (including oneself) and organisations.
  • Offers systematic coverage of the latest concepts of emotion and methods for research in organisations

  • Includes scientific understanding and critique of the field as well as implications for organisational practice.

Download DescriptionEmotions at Work is a comprehensive review of the whole spectrum of emotions, both negative and positive, as they impinge upon organizations and their workforces. Roy Payne and Cary Cooper have enlisted the expertise of an international star cast to convey the importance and magnitude of this topic to the academic and the business world today. Arranged in five sections, this important reference includes definitions, measurement and assessment, biological correlates, the influence of organizations on emotion, how to manage emotions and what future influences there may be on the area, including discussion of emotional intelligence. Whatever the individual topic under discussion, authors relate their findings to the workplace and practical applications for management.